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Refund Policy Kashi Software Solution

Our Refund Policy has been formulated to define the conditions under which Kashi Software Solution will provide a refund, the procedure for claiming a refund, and Kashi Software Solution Website responsibility in the circumstances resulting from such claim. By registering for any of our services, you are declaring that you accept and agree to all terms and conditions set forth in the refund policy.

All information we collect is used to improve the content of our website, to inform customers about our website updates, or to look into issues with their requests. If you do not wish to receive any emails from us in the future, please notify us by writing via e-mail or letter.

Coverage and Scope
Our refund policy covers refunds through a website owned and managed by Kashi Software Solution and/or Kashi Software Solution.
This policy does not apply to companies that are not owned or controlled by Kashi Software Solution or to individuals who are not employed or managed by Kashi Software Solution. This includes any third party service and/or product providers bound by agreement, as well as any third-party websites to which the Kashi Software Solution website links.

Register a complaint
At Kashi Software Solution we approach every Software with end product insight. This is as much a responsibility as the customer’s. Therefore, we believe that in any situation where dissatisfaction with the Services arises, every effort should be made to reach a solution that is mutually fully acceptable. Refunds should only be considered when things are completely out of hand.
Our ultimate aim is to reach a mutually acceptable solution. Still if due to any reason you are not satisfied and think to go for refund claim, we request you to write to us at data [email protected] for final communication before requesting refund Take away precious minutes. .
Only if we are unable to reach out to you on a normal basis after negotiation can a refund claim be filed.

Eligibility for refund
As a creative digital agency in India, every project is important to us at Kashi Software Solution and we ensure that we handle each project with utmost care and professionalism. We aim to provide the result as per the terms and conditions of the offer. However, in spite of every remedy, if the customer is not satisfied with the results and chooses to go through the dispute resolution process, we will consider refund requests as per the following schedule which very clearly states our services and refund policy relating to each service.

Limitation of Liability

Kashi Software Solution liability is tied to the value of the portion of the project (as per our proposal) that remains unfinished at a given point in time. Kashi Software Solution is not liable for any damages caused by services rendered/not rendered or any delay therein at any point of time and also not applicable after 3 Days of Product Purchase.

In no case is there any provision for compensation for any problem our software.

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